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Personal servers

Post by admin » Sat Sep 07, 2019 8:44 pm

@jasonksackey wrote:#PersonalServer thread

Freedombox was the first project that got me interested in the concept: ... 2092075008

Interesting that some of these projects offer hardware, others are software only. Hardware means you have something more substantial to sell, maybe it's easier to charge higher prices. Helm is the most cashmoney-premium-priced offering in that thread, and the one with the most visually-interesting hardware (the L-shaped box).

Freedombox is conceptually tied to the physical box. It's supposed to live in your house, because as per Eben Moglen's seminar, possession is 9/10ths of the law, and that's the best place where possessions can be legally protected under law (US in particular, but other places too).

Urbit devs have expressed the possibility of special hardware to run the system's VM. The cloud is the best place to run a ship now. I use my laptop for now.

Holochain is meant to run everywhere: phones, home servers, laptops. Cloud too?

Owning multiple devices is common. But sharing devices is common too. 'Personal computers' are often household computers, or family computers. How our crypto-secured private OS future will work with normal human social patterns is yet to be seen.
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