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Welcome to Operating Space forums

Post by admin » Fri Jun 07, 2019 3:18 pm

I started this forum to support my blog.


That's some of the sort of stuff I'll be posting here. I've mostly focused on software-related topics, because that's the field I work in, but that not supposed to limit the forum topics here in any way.

There's one main 'Technology' subforum. I'll sort out a more fine-grained structure later, when there's a bunch of content that needs sorting out.

I considered dividing the forum into Software and Hardware, but then where would a general 'VR' or 'Apple' thread go? I also considered Computers + Other tech. And Peace and War.

For now, with whatever information you wish to contribute, make threads as general or specific as you wish. A thread can be about a company or a product class or a particular product. A programming language or a programming paradigm.

I started to use some comment threads on my WordPress blog as linkblogs. I'll do that here now.

To do:

Make a frontpage for this site that includes articles/blog posts plus some sort of feed linking to latest forum content. Maybe this'll use WordPress, maybe not. The RSS widget for wordpress.com doesn't cut it.
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